Adorable Pouches!

For Sale!

Adorable little pouches to keep your small knick knacks or odds and ends like earphones, coins, lip gloss, contact lens case or hair bands!

Each pouch is RM 6
Buy 4 pouches for RM 20! 

 Custom orders are available!
To purchase, please email =)
First Batch of Pouches!
Hansel and Gretel in pink and black!
Bunny and Bear! SOLD
Its eager owner was quick to make use of this cute little pouch 

Adorable Matryoshka dolls! 
Matryoshka dolls going about their daily activities ^_^

Hot air balloons and Eiffel towers~
Ah, Paris~

Union Jack and
the little red double decker bus =)

Matryoshka dolls going about their daily activities ^_^
Mini Picnic Mat! =D
Checkers and lace
Pink and Polka Dotted
Ah, Paris~
Vintage Decor
Vintage Circus
Polka Dots on Black and Brown

  Batch 2!

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Japanese Fans
Matryoska dolls going about their daily activities ^_^
Circle Circle
Polka Dots on Brown
(Longer version)

Origami Flowers~

A few of the origami flowers I folded~ It'd be nicer if I had the right texture of papers but it turned out pretty anyways~

a single bloom
The work in progress


The Cutest Reversible Pencil Case

A reversible pencil case with two zips, one for each side of the pencil case. 
Completely hand sewn!
A frog pattern and Red Riding Hood going to visit her grandmother~

There are TWO zips!

Nut and Bolt

One of the most difficult pieces I've folded which I marvel at because it can actually be screwed together. 
** Not to be used for real construction =p

The Nut and Bolt

We're screwed.

The Chinese Giraffe

Every inch of this giraffe is painstakingly hand sewn, from the stitches that old the giraffe together to the spots on the giraffe. Look closely enough and you'll see the careful stitches of the giraffe spots. 

Dubbed the chinese giraffe because if its eyes =p

Hello =)

Knitted Beanies

It all started when my roommate wanted to make a beanie for her boyfriend's birthday.
Needless to say, I became too tempted by this new (to me) craft and picked it up as well. 


Dark green beanie knit for my sister

Striped beanie knit for my friend, Alex.
Super awesome pattern

Butterflies for Amourage

Origami and butterflies are two of my favorites in this world so imagine my delight when a friend commissioned me to make origami butterflies for a perfume launch her company (BrandThink) was organizing for the launch of Honor by the House of Amourage.

My butterflies even got a tiny mention on MSN's Lifestyle news rrrrrright at the end.

Honour is inspired by a Puccini aria… “To Die with Honour” from Madame Butterfly.

Different designs of origami butterflies

Origami Butterflies for BrandThink

The origami buterflies at the event

Little Bits Of Plastic

Made from a perspex-like plastic, designs can be custom made to the heart's desire =D
I put two of the bigger ones on a small loop of string so they can be used as keychains of sorts or as phone attachments
I'm considering making another one of the smaller piece and turning it into a pair of earrings

Dinosaur peeping from behind a cupcake
Tiny man in a dinosaur suit hanging from a ring
A girl in a dinosaur suit, roaring

Origami cases

Multicolored, triangle origami box
purple, blue green
orange, red, yellow

Origami bottle!
Made from a sheet of translucent paper
Bottle cap made from a square of purple paper =)